Marseille Innovation And Berytech Sign Exchange Agreement

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Marseille Innovation And Berytech Sign Exchange Agreement

“This agreement creates the possibility for Lebanese entrepreneurs to access Marseille, the gateway to France and Europe.”

Berytech recently signed an international cooperation agreement with Marseille Innovation a French incubator and accelerator, allowing the implementation of a Soft-Landing program dedicated to innovative startups supported by both Marseille-Innovation and Berytech.

The ceremony was held in the presence of Deborah Alliez – Program Manager at Marseille-Innovation, Maroun N. Chammas – CEO of Berytech, Abdelkader Betari – President of ANIMA Investment Network, and Renaud Muselier – President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region.

Marseille-Innovation and Berytech are connected within the ANIMA Investment Network – an international network of economic development that works for the internationalization of investments and enterprises, and for the promotion and development of the Mediterranean.

Sourcing Startups

The aim of the program is to allow both Berytech and Marseille-Innovation to source French and Lebanese startups wishing to develop internationally, host them in the different sites managed by both organizations, create tailored support programs that connect them with experts and mentors, and link them with the main players of the innovation ecosystem of the host territories in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur south region, and in Lebanon.

Maroun Chammas explains that this agreement “creates the possibility for Lebanese entrepreneurs and particularly those in the technology and agricultural-technology sectors to access Marseille, which is the gateway to France and Europe in the field of entrepreneurship, allowing startups to begin work immediately in a ‘plug and play’ mode without any cost for 3 months. Similarly, Berytech will be ready to receive French startups wishing to operate in Lebanon.”

Marseille Innovation, International Partner

The agreement with Berytech emphasizes that promoting exchanges between the North and South Mediterranean ecosystems around digital, technology and more generally innovation, is a key to the competitiveness of innovative startups in search of new export markets and new economic models.

The development of this synergy between Marseille-Innovation and Berytech makes it possible to enhance and accelerate the entrepreneurial and innovation dynamic and the attractiveness of the two territories. Thanks to their respective private and public networks, the two companies are committed to creating a bridge between the two shores of the Mediterranean to allow the exchange of knowledge and best practices, essential to the development and internationalization of the Mediterranean.

Berytech –  Posted on June 13, 2019

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